It is common knowledge that because of the explosion of gaming in recent years, many casinos are operating with less and less experienced personnel. We will provide the vital experience, which is needed to combat fraud and restore true percentage hold, back to a more profitable level. It is also well known that when a casino first opens to the public, among the first visitors are these undesirables. The casino is at its most vulnerable in the opening days and weeks of operation. Protect your investment at that vulnerable time, when the house first opens its doors. When the gaming staff are mostly new, new to each other and most importantly new to the players. Differentiate between unknown guests and unwanted guests. We guarantee your establishment to have a cheat free successful opening phase and a reputation, which will discourage future visitors from the organized cheat fraternity.

Our experts in facial recognition have over many years developed the capacity to memorise faces, characteristics and body language of all known undesirables. Our agents are all grass roots, career professionals with decades of gaming floor and surveillance experience..

We are experts in game protection and have trained hundreds of gaming and surveillance personnel to recognise cheat moves and the tell tale behavioural patterns of the international cheat.

Experiencing in house fraud through player collusion or theft? We also subscribe to the theory that worldwide, approximately 2% of all staff, in the average casino group, is participating in some kind of fraud or other. Our agents will work undercover on your gaming floor to eradicate these losses.

Our agents and technicians will undertake complete casino CCTV installations, upgrade your old analogue system, to the latest high frame rate, quality digital video.